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I am a fan of Data! You can make decisions based on realities understood only when observed and explored data exists.

This is exactly what the Post Falls Highway District has failed to do.
Let’s explore the data, shall we? Below is an image pointing out the reality of traffic volume with particular regard to the Spokane River bridge since 2004.

The reality is this: there is inadequate traffic totals for any organization to make informed, data-driven decision making in regards to a Greensferry bridge. The suggestion that “further traffic studies would need to be conducted [in phase 2]” in order to make decisions is ludicrous considering the District has already spend $180k+ on engineering, and to what end?

One thing is certain, we cannot possibly begin to justify a $20+ Million project without supporting data and we have to ask – where is it?

Do you know what else I like about data? It can be made to do anything you need it to.
“Refer to the KMPO master transportation plan for the no-build option and you can see the negative impact.” -Daniel Baker, HDR Project Manager
With a little pivot of the numbers, data manipulation can persuade opinion to believe there’s a real need for a bridge at Greensferry without actual numbers – just look at all those red and yellow lines!

Actual Data

No-Build projections from the KMPO Master Transportation Plan.

Computer generated data

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