Community Partnership in Opposition of the Greensferry Bridge

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Public Comment Form

The Post Falls Highway District is still accepting public feedback! Using the form below, submit your public comment and have it retained for record.

You can also download and print a copy of the form for in-person or mailed submission. 

Suggest abandonment of the project. Comment on how this project worries you. We recommend you include the following:

  • List the number of residents in your household (number of children).
  • Primary concerns about the Bridge (sound, increased traffic, property loss, environmental impact).

Answer explanation.

  • You must specify the No Build Option in your answer if that is your opinion (deceptive wording on the form). 
  • Explain why you feel the no-build option (or the alternatives) are your preference.
  • Suggestions for alternative location (Heutter) 
  • Express concerns over safety, traffic, noise, property values, loss of scenery, and we highly recommend you include the number of residents in your household. 
  • Contact

By submitting this form I consent to have the Friends of Greensferry send this public comment on my behalf and swear that the above contact information is true and accurate.

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