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No one option should ever be considered final – one must explore every possible solution in order to come to the best decision. Suggestions have been made in regards to alternatives to the Greensferry Bridge and here is a brief summary of two.

Widen Spokane River Bridge (and street)

One suggestion is to widen the existing Spokane River bridge to 4 lanes, connecting the existing 4 and 3 lane sections of Spokane Street (as illustrated in the image above) to accommodate forecasted growth, enrich the commercial zone of what the City hopes to be a downtown area (anyone remember “Downtown for a Day”?), and mitigate the impact on residential neighborhoods.

The Kootenai Municipal Planning Organization already recommends a new Bridge Overlay at a cost of $3.4 Million (KMPO_MTP Section 6.3, item 69, page 163), adding 2 lanes to Spokane Street for $12 Million (KMPO_MTP Section 6.9, Item 47, page 168), construct major collectors in that area, and improve the on and off ramps to interstate 90 (with improved traffic signaling).

With these suggestions already under consideration, it does not seem outlandish to widen the bridge as part of the long-term project vision.

Huetter Corridor

Another proposed alternative is to build a bridge at Huetter Rd where the impact on existing residential neighborhoods will be significantly less while the central access to both Coeur d’Alene and Post Falls would be expanded.

The Kootenai Municipal Planning Organization already recommends widening Heutter Road to 3 lanes to mitigate turn-lane traffic as well as the possible construction of Interstate 90 on and off ramps (Huetter Corridor Study) which would, again, enhance the East/West traffic to Spokane and Coeur d’Alene.

One undeveloped location appears to be a connection from Grand Mill Ln. (North) to W Foothill Dr. (South) but no investigation into this option by The Post Falls Highway District or The Kootenai Municipal Planning Organization has been found (if information is lacking please email

South Facing view of Grand Mill Ln. to W Foothill Dr.

As stated above, no one option should ever be considered final. As we continue to engage in constructive dialog with facts and civility by our side, considerations for alternatives or the inclusion of accommodations will be heard by our municipal leaders and district commissioners. In any event, we must be determined and remain encouraged.

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