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GREENSFERRY: The bad-idea bridge

As a family that has lived on the Spokane River since 1956, we are adamantly opposed to what seems to be a developer-driven bridge. Since the old bridge was removed, I have yet to hear anyone on the south side of the river wish there was a bridge at Greensferry, especially when it would be a little over a mile from the Spokane Street bridge.

Put the horse in front of the cart this time. Maybe widen Riverview, from Spokane Street to Greensferry, or further to Rainbow, and while we’re at it, put the sewer system in.

Is this the legacy we want to leave for future generations…high density housing with septic tanks and drain fields that in time will begin to fail?

This proposed bridge should never be built. There are no positives to this bridge, just negatives — unless you’re a developer looking to line your pockets, and in the process decimate a beautiful community.

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2 thoughts on “GREENSFERRY: The bad-idea bridge”

  1. On the south side of the bridge approach, yesterday and today (Oct. 7/8) an engineering crew was surveying the site. Adjacent home owners contacted the Sheriff who sent out a deputy. I did not participate in what appeared to be a heated discussion. When asked why the site was being surveyed, a surveyor claimed it was “preliminary.” It appears that plans are going forward on this project. In spite of a meeting of outraged residents and a whole host of negative comments sent to the highway district, our objections don’t seem to be heard.

  2. It is curious that the presentation at Q’emln Park, Highway district choose to present input from fire and rescue rather than traffic data that would show the need for access to the south side of the Spokane River.

    If we need to have improved emergency services on the south side of the River, perhaps a simpler more direct method to provide emergency access would be to build and staff a Fire and Rescue facility on the south side of the river. Clearly cost for a new facility would much less expensive and hugly less intrusive to local residents along Greenferry Road. In addition it would provide a convenient and rapid access to emergency services to the residents on the south side of the river.

    If this project is not wanted or needed by the residents perhaps it would worthwhile whom will profit by this project?

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