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Greensferry Bridge Unlikely

Thank goodness for the Coast Guard!

Though final action has yet to be taken, the Post Falls Highway District board of Commissioners has instructed HDR Engineers to stop Phase 2 preparations.

Due to provisions required by the US Coast Guard to permit a bridge across the navigable waterway, HDR estimated it could been close to $90 million or $100 million for project completion, which is too big a price tag for the District to propose to tax payers.

We’re waiting with bated breath for the March 3rd Commissioners meeting where a final decision should be made in regards to the project.

An article has been published in the Coeur d’Alene Press and is available here.

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6 thoughts on “Greensferry Bridge Unlikely”

  1. So, one why didn’t the commissioners investigate this first before they spent taxpayer dollars for all the engineering? Two, are we going to get refunded for taxes paid through property tax for this debacle?

  2. What happened to the feed during the meeting? I didn’t hear them say anything about the bridge unless I completely missed it which I was listening to it on my phone. Did they say if they were abandoning the project and how much money they actually spent? Is there any way to get transcripts of what was said about the bridge?

    1. They talked about the final invoice, then one of them said, “And the Greensferry Bridge project is closed.” I hope it stays closed but he also said, “We’ll see you again, Daniel (the HDR engineer).”

  3. Did anybody watch the webinar last night, somebody had sent me an agenda this morning that said that they were going to talk about the bridge again. Did they say anything that we don’t already know or are they still going forward with something?

    1. The February Highway District meeting minutes have been posted on their site. Here’s an excerpt: “ENGINEERING Greensferry River Crossing –Daniel Baker of HDR provided an update to this project after meeting with the U.S. CoastGuardlast week. Mr. Baker discussed the Coast Guard’s requirements for a Bridge Permit and noted that under the current bridge proposal,their requirements would not be met. Their requirement of a higher rise, or a lift or draw bridge, the bridge becomes monetarily out of reach. The Board instructed staff to conclude the Crossing project while meeting all legal requirements and to have a cost of Phase II provided to the District by the next meeting.[2/17/2021 Brd Mtg]”

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