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GREENSFERRY: Better options exist

We have been residents of Post Falls, on Rodkey Drive, for many decades. It is a magnificent location for so many reasons. We, along with literally all of our neighbors, are dramatically opposed to the proposed replacement of the Greensferry bridge.

This is a family oriented neighborhood with several hundred children who attend the nearby Ponderosa school. The risk to them alone would severely increase because of the expanded traffic. Greensferry is much too narrow to accommodate the additional traffic. The homes are all too close to the road to be able to increase the lanes. The noise would also be very disruptive not only during the construction, but well beyond completion of not only the bridge but also the new housing project on the south side of the river.

The Spokane River bridge is barely 1 mile west of this location, and could be widened to accommodate the proposed increased traffic. Another option would be to place the bridge at Huetter/Seeley street. That location is so much better because it is halfway between Post Falls and Coeur d’Alene, making it more convenient for all travelers, no matter their destination.

We all understand the need to make changes because of the obvious increase in our population, however Greensferry is the absolute WRONG and poorly thought out solution.

Post Falls

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