Community Partnership in Opposition of the Greensferry Bridge

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Do not be deceived – the District is vast.

If you thought that all the Post Falls Highway District had to maintain is the City of Post Falls you would be sorely mistaken. The district – and those who would vote to pass the bond to build the bridge in 2020 – actually spans as far as State Line to the West, Atlas (nearly Ramsey, including Coeur d’Alene and Hayden) to the East, past Rathdrum in the North and Highway 95 to the South.

If you believe the challenge we face is limited to the 35k+ residents in Post Falls alone, guess again. More importantly, we must begin sharing friends and family outside of Post Falls who can influence public option and educate those around them – present the facts and ask them to voice their concerns by petition or public comment.

An enlarged version can be found at the Highway District Office for review.

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