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Decision Meeting TONIGHT!

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According to previous reports and the board agenda, tonight, Wednesday, January 6th at 6PM, the Post Falls Highway District will vote on whether or not to continue the Greensferry River Crossing into Phase 2, after having delayed the decision last month. We have been informed that in-person attendance is still not permitted at this meeting, though it is important that we participate virtually to show our discontent and implore the commissioners (civilly) to vote NO on continuing this project.

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Mark your calendar for Wednesday, December 16th at 6PM at 5629 E. Seltice Way, Post Falls, Idaho.

You can join virtually (with less effect compared to raising concerns in person) by the following means:
Voice: (US) 1-314-474-2059 PIN: ‪707 067 834#
Google Meet (video+audio)
Facebook Live (comments disabled)

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2 thoughts on “Decision Meeting TONIGHT!”

  1. The three commissioners voted to continue the engineering for a total cost of $547,ooo ( for completed Phase 1 and new Phase 2) so that the entire taxing district can understand the project concepts and decide whether to vote in favor of a bond obligation for constructing the more than $30 million bridge. Only 3 concerned citizens tuned in and tried to dissuade the commissioners at their January 6th meeting. To those many local residents who showed up to their only public hearing type of meeting so far, with the intent to stop the process before it went too far – your comments seemed to fall on deaf ears. The commissioners heard from their staff that only 17 comment forms had been received from their constituents, with 8 in favor and 9 against. Perhaps based on this evidence, the community at large is really not that concerned about losing their peaceful existence on the south side of the river, or in subjecting themselves to the cost associated with urban conveniences. Now that the opportunity has been missed to stop the project with merely $250,000 spent, the no-build concern must now compete with the $300,000 effort by a very good consensus-building engineering firm who will promote the commissioners interest for building the bridge at any cost. It is high time to become organized. The Huetter bridge proponents may have a better plan for the future of bridge building when actually needed, but may have inadvertently eroded the groundswell opposition to the Greensferry Bridge. This website platform could be a very useful mechanism for mounting a meaningful no-build campaign if more people are informed about it and use it. Please talk with your neighbors and get involved.

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