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Continuation Approved.

Despite the vehement opposition to the Greensferry Crossing, the board of commissioners voted to continue into Phase 2 of the project on Wednesday, bringing the total cost of phase 1 to nearly $300,000.
Both Terry Wenner and Todd Tondee gave remarks about the need to inform constituents of the district about the potential of the crossing and subsequently sided in-favor of the project continuation. The next year will undoubtedly consist of an expansive taxpayer funded PR campaign to “inform” the populous on why they should vote for an eye-watering 30-Million-dollar bridge.

The pertinent points of the recorded meeting are provide below:

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6 thoughts on “Continuation Approved.”

  1. In their eyes this is a done deal. I fear that they will be pursuing federal funds to offset or pay for the bridge. It offends me that their “Aw shucks” attitude about spending an additional $300,000 so “we can inform the public” is in addition to &225,000 already spent. Over a half million $$! Do these guys ever go up for re-election? This is a thinly veiled way to annex us into city limits and triple our taxes. And ruin our peaceful community… Just had to vent….

    1. Why is it that all us that opposed this bridge have had zero impact on stopping it….so much for them listening to the residents that live in the area that it will destroy….

  2. Whatever happened to common sense? Many people don’t want this and they just go ahead and decide for everyone. Do they honestly thing we are a bunch of morons? Do our voices count for nothing?

  3. Unfortunately I missed the meeting and getting in on the zoom conversation but did they bring up how many homes/ properties they would have to take out and the cost of that or did they just brush by in order for this bridge to work? They know this fact from the survey and how do they proceed if a design hasn’t been decided?
    If everyone remembers in our first meeting they said they were only going to spend $100,000 on phase 1 so if they’ve spent 200,000 on phase 1, they have not been truthful thus far.

  4. I’m making a list and checking it twice…of all these politicians that refuse to actually represent us. Remember the names so they never again get your vote. It illustrates how the ruling class thinks they know better than us plebians and decide for us, not represent us. Considering how corrupt politicians in all levels of government are getting away with their criminality today, we need to shine some sunlight on any potential incentives they may be getting for the way they vote. For example, if the construction company or engineering firm could offer kickbacks (in any form, not just money)for their help in getting approval. Once that flood of government money (squeezed out of us in taxes) comes in, there will be lots of pork to divide up. I don’t know if they are corrupt, I have no evidence, but this is how corruptocrats operate. If they have integrity, there should be no objection to audits and open finances. It is OUR money they are spending, isn’t it?

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